Renewable/Green Energy

Verse Consulting & IT (VCIT) Services is a renewable energy project development company based in Abuja, Nigeria. We are committed to providing clean, bespoke, and cost-effective solutions to businesses, private homes and public institutions. We are uniquely positioned to provide unique cost-effective solutions in Nigeria and beyond, ensuring progressive reduction in the overall cost of electricity and subsequently cost of doing business or providing power.

We have strategically aligned ourselves with the implementation of projects according to international and national electricity and power related standards using tested technologies and solutions thereby ensuring a sustainable and reliable power system deployment. We are on a mission to significantly contribute to the development of the power sector in Nigeria by providing clean and cost effective energy solution in an innovative way. Our vision is to be a globally recognized name and brand that inspires confidence in renewable energy, both for current and future technologies.

Our competencies as a project development and EPC entity in both off-grid and grid tied system enable us to deploy solutions across the broad spectrum of energy consumers from low end users to thee commercial public settings.

At VCIT, we have created a culture and an enabling environment that ensures that we consistently attract, train and retain technically sound, competent and experienced team members with superior understanding of renewable energy technologies, industry needs and the power sector in Nigeria and Africa.

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