Broadband Internet

Fast, secure connections and high bandwidth are prerequisites for effective business. An instant “always on” Broadband connection saves your business time and money by delivering the Internet and email transparently to your organization.

VCIT Broadband Services are an efficient, cost effective way to unleash the power of high speed communication throughout your company. Flat rate broadband services provide a specific amount of network bandwidth at a fixed monthly cost.

With fast and reliable internet connectivity having become a lifeline for businesses, you need a partner you can rely on to deliver the capacity and performance that your business needs – and that’s where we come in with our blazingly fast broadband offer with speeds ranging from 1Mb to 155Mb delivered over our metro-fiber .

Value Proposition on Our Broadband Service Include:

  • Online, Real-time Customer Bandwidth Utilization Graphs
  • Industry Standard Service Level Agreement
  • Low latency to the Internet
  • Multiple connections to tier 1 internet backbones.
  • 24/7 Customer Support and Network Monitoring
  • Static (routable) IP Addresses
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